Nautical Gifts

Got a boater, angler, or sailor on your list? Finding just the right present for someone who loves being on the water is easy.
The Gift of Life
Although the law requires having Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) on board, statistics show that many of us don’t wear a PFD while boating. Sure, we’ve heard all the excuses: a PFD is too hot, not comfortable, my boating buddies will think I’m a sissy, etc.
Automatically-inflatable life vests make all those reasons not to wear a PFD a thing of the past. Looking more like wide suspenders than a life jacket, automatically-inflatable life vests are actually very comfortable and non-intrusive—after a few minutes, you’re likely to forget that you have it on.
The best part is that an automatically-inflatable life vest is flat and out of the way until you hit the water—then a CO2 cartridge inflates the life vest instantly—keeping you afloat and your head out of the water.
After you’ve been rescued, simply deflate the vest and re-arm it with another CO2  cartridge.
If you care about your boater enough to buy a gift, you can give the gift of life with an automatically-inflatable PFD.
How cool is that?
Watch This
We know that going out on the boat means leaving the real world behind, but for some reason, we boaters like to keep track of the time—even on the water. And for those times when we’re land-locked, a boaty timepiece removes any doubt about where our passions lie.
Any watch you buy has got to be water-resistant/water-proof, due to the wet nature of waterborne activities. In addition, it should be easy to read, especially in the dark, durable, and look good, too.
Which watch is a matter of individual taste (or lack thereof). Some of us prefer the no-nonsense, utilitarian approach to time management, while others are more fashion-conscious—so choose accordingly—and keep the receipt, just in case.
Reading Materials
If your favorite boat person resides in the northern climes where boating is relegated to only three seasons, you might consider offering books as a token of your esteem. Whiling away those cold winter nights can be a bit warmer reading about one’s favorite pastime.
The do-it-yourselfer on your list will appreciate instructional books, whereas the serious long-distance cruiser may enjoy tales of distant ports of call or other high-seas adventure.
Boaters, in general, have a weakness for charts, compasses and sundry other items to help us find our way.
Waterproof charts are a necessity on nearly any boat trip, giving us a vague idea of the nature of the world beneath the waves. Knowing where reefs, shoals, and channels should be located can ease a cruising captain’s mind—or stimulate an avid angler by providing areas of fish-holding structures to target.
Hand-bearing compasses are reasonably inexpensive, come in a selection of colors, and (thankfully) one-size-fits-all. A good compass is worth its weight
Technology enthusiasts have an insatiable affinity for electronic gadgets—and there are plenty to choose from. We’d suggest a hand-held VHF marine radio or perhaps a portable GPS—as always, batteries aren’t usually included, so make sure to buy extra batteries and the battery charger—your techie will appreciate it.
Anything Will Do…
…as long as the gift is remotely related to boating, fishing, sailing, or cruising, chances are that we’ll like it—we’re pretty easy to please.


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