Father’s Day Fishing Gifts for Your Boating Dad

Fishing with kids is an activity every father enjoys, so this year, why not give dad a Father’s Day fishing gift that will help him and the gang catch more fish? Of course, there’s a ton of fishing gear—and fishing boats—out there and it can be tough to figure out just what dad will like the most.

To help make your choice a success, we picked five top contenders for fishing gear—and no matter where or how your favorite father likes to fish, one or more of these should fit the bill:

  1. ACR ResQLink View PLB
  2. Alltackle Striper Trolling lure Kit
  3. Aurora Night Vision Camera
  4. G. Loomis IMX-Pro
  5. Raymarine Element Fishfinder


ACR ResQLink View PLB

Show dad you really care by getting him a Father’s Day gift that could save his life, like the ACR ResQLink View PLB.

This personal locator beacon sends an SOS and GPS coordinates out to satellites orbiting overhead, to alert search-and-rescue personnel in case of emergency. It also has a built-in strobe light, and requires no subscription or activation fees unlike many other emergency signaling devices. Price: $359.

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Alltackle Striper Trolling Lure Kit

umbrella rigs
There’s a reason why striper anglers like to carry lots of umbrella rigs and tandems—they work!

If dad likes fishing for striped bass but needs to gear up for trolling success, this kit will make it happen. It includes two umbrella rigs and two tandem rigs, in the ever-popular (and effective) colors of white and chartreuse – your delighted dad will be able to set a full spread of four lines from the moment he opens up his present. Price: $119.

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Aurora Night Vision Camera

night vision camera
Trust us, people, there isn’t a father on the face of the planet who wouldn’t think this gadget is cool.

Night fishing fathers will go gaga over the Aurora, which is a night vision camera that can take video or still photos in the dark. But they won’t be in that eerie green color or in black and white, because unlike other night vision gear this camera sees full color. In fact, judges in the NMMA Innovations Awards were so impressed by the Aurora they named it the winner of the consumer electronics category this year. Price: $799.

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G. Loomis IMX-Pro

gloomis fishing rod
If your dad deserves the best rods around, a G. Loomis IMX-Pro is in his future.

Does dear old dad like fishing with top-notch rods? If so, a G. Loomis IMX-Pro is sure to keep him casting with a smile on his face. These high-end rods are available in fly, freshwater, and saltwater models, but they all share one thing in common: they’re top-shelf fishing rods that every father will flip over. Price: $250 - $495.

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Raymarine Element

raymarine element
With this kind of tech at his fingertips, how could dad not catch more fish?

Being both a happy captain and a more successful angler means utilizing the best tech out there, and in the case of fishfinders, the Raymarine Element is the latest to wow dads from coast to coast. It incorporates all the major new types of fish-finding abilities, like down-scanning, CHIRP, side-scanning, and even offers 3D views, all powered by a quad-core processor. Price: $679 - $2,549.

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Bonus Gift

Between these five top picks, you should have no problem making that favorite father grin from ear to ear. But, what if a regular old gift just won’t cut it? What if you really want to shoot for the moon? Well, in that case…

sea doo fish pro
Some people may think that giving a Father’s Day gift like this is going overboard. We agree—but in a good way.


You could always grab dad a new Sea-Doo Fish Pro (or another personal watercraft). Well, why the heck not? This small but slick fishing machine was another winner in this year’s NMMA Innovation Awards, and there’s no way we can possibly envision any father of any age, shape, or persuasion not grinning from ear to ear (for hours on end) when presented with this gift. Then again, if you want to really splurge, you could always visit our Boat Finder and pick him out a new fishing boat.

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