Roy Halladay, All-Star Pitcher

Roy Halladay, All-Star Pitcher

Hey boating fans, who else loves life on the water? Cy Young Award winner Roy Halladay does. This eight time All-Star pitcher can be found on his boat in Florida fishing, cruising and enjoying the boating lifestyle. He’s always loved two of America’s favorite pastimes – baseball and boating.

Discover Boating (DB) sat down with Roy for some boating and fishing talk …

How Did Roy Halladay Get Started in Boating?

DB: How did you get started in boating and fishing?

Roy: My grandfather was a fisherman and my father was a boater, so between the two of them I got it from both sides. My grandpa used to always take me fishing and taught me patience, and really more than anything, just how much fun it was to be outside on the lake and around the water. That was the most fun for me, and obviously digging through the tackle box, that was always pretty cool too. My dad had boats ever since I can remember – aluminum boats, fiberglass boats and anything you could imagine. We spent a lot of time waterskiing on the weekends, just driving around and fishing off the boat.

“Boating lets me spend quality time with my friends and family and helps me relax.” – Roy Halladay
Why Roy Halladay Likes Being On the Water?

DB: Why do you love boating?

Roy: When I go (out on the water), I usually turn my phone off and I’m with family and friends. When you go out boating, you’re out there to relax and enjoy yourself away from everything. There’s no traffic, there’s no lines – it’s quiet and very peaceful. It’s a chance to get away from everything – just your friends and your thoughts, that’s about it. I enjoy it.

DB: Do you boat with your family?

Roy: There’s so much going on – the kids are in school, sports and other activities. To be able to say “hey, we’re going out to an island to stay the night,” – that’s an awesome chance for us to all get away together. Just the kids and us. You go out on a boat with your kids and there are all sorts of things to do and it’s definitely been great quality time for us.

DB: Have any tips for people thinking about getting into boating?

Roy: Boats can seem overwhelming, especially when you’re starting – how’s it going to run and safety, but for me it was just small steps. I jumped right in (to boating) after I got down to Tampa as a minor leaguer. I bought my first boat and learned through trial and error. It’s a lot of fun, but I started small and worked my way up.

Some Memories From Roy Halladay

DB: Where are your favorite places to boat?

Roy: We found this sandbar in Florida that’s right on the Intercoastal in Tampa Bay and we back the boat right up to the sandbar. There’s nobody out there, so it’s just quiet and peaceful – like your own little island. Also, making your way to Key West is fun. Whether you’re fishing on a lake or anywhere from Florida to Canada to Alaska to Brazil, it’s incredible how many different things you can see and experience on a boat. It’s very relaxing.

DB: What music is on your boating playlist?

Roy:My favorite musician, by far, on the water would be Kenny Chesney. One of his songs is actually called ‘Boats’ and talks about how a boat is a vessel for freedom and a harbor or healing – it’s a cool song.