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7 Days to Boat Ownership

  • Before You Begin

    Before You Begin

    Before you begin your seven day quest to boat ownership, take an opportunity to go out on a friend's boat with a few people including your Significant Other (S.O.). This will give your S.O. a…

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  • Day 1


    Make 'em curious – Change your homepage to a picture of your Dream Boat or other intriguing boating image. With any luck your S.O will be motivated to start researching boating. Then you'll have a chance…

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  • Day 2


    Educate Significant Other (S.O.) on how accessible the boating lifestyle is by pointing out that 90 percent of Americans live within an hour drive of a body of water they can boat on…

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  • Day 3

    Dinner with Friends

    Plan for your dinner date with friends to be close to a boat dealership. Make sure that you pass the dealership both on the way to dinner and going home. On the way to dinner, subtly…

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  • Day 4


    Do some research that shows how the costs of boat ownership are compared to the costs of other family leisure activities. This is a great opportunity for you to personalize the expense of boat ownership…

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  • Day 5

    Experience the Lifestyle

    Get your S.O. in the mood for boating by purchasing them a captain's hat for the ride along. Present the gift to them when you pick them up. Repeat the following statements on the way…

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  • Day 6

    For the Whole Family

    Check out video testimonies of consumers who have already purchased a boat. Videos of families enjoying the boating lifestyle and real people telling their story of boat ownership will help your S.O.…

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  • Day 7

    Making Waves

    You have covered all of the bases except one – together time. Talk to your S.O. about not only all of family time you'll be able to spend together on the boat, but couple time as well…

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  • Tips & Scripts

    Sample scripts for persuading your spouse

    • Script 1 You know how you're always trying to get me to…
    • Script 2 Let's play a game. I'll call it
      "I say. You say."…
    • Script 3 Boating is educational – teaches kids about nature…

Quick Tips from Other Boating Families

  • Tip 1
    Attend a Boat Show or Demo Days Event

    Boat shows and demo days are perfect places to introduce a significant…

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  • Tip 2
    Book a Dinner Cruise

    Few things are more romantic than dining aboard a boat.

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  • Tip 3
    Enjoy a Nature Cruise

    Experience Nature's wonders from the deck of a boat.

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  • Tip 4
    Family Picnic on a Boat

    Make dinning afloat an integral part of their boating experience.

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  • Tip 5
    Have a Party Afloat

    Birthday celebrations and neighborhood parties held on a boat won't soon…

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  • Tip 6
    A Romantic Proposition

    Asking for your lover's hand while afloat ensures that you have a story to…

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  • Tip 7
    Take a Boating Vacation

    Explore that lake or river or ocean just beyond a day's drive away.

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