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A Boater's Guide to Seabird Protection

Approaching too close to seabird colonies causes birds to panic and fly, resulting in abandoned nests and potential decreases in populations.Gulf of the Farallones NMS
Join fellow boaters and help protect seabirds by following these tips:
  • Stay 1000 feet (roughly 3 football fields) from cliffs, offshore rocks and islands, especially during the seabird breeding season (February-August)
  • Watch the birds for signs you are too close (head-bobbing or wing-fluttering), if you see these reactions move away from the colony
  • Never discard fishing line overboard, cover bait, and use barb-less hooks or artificial lures when possible.
  • Steer around feeding flocks of seabirds on the water

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Image courtesy of Gulf of the Farallones NMS