Few things are more romantic than dining aboard a boat. Most dinner cruises are designed to be indulgent, featuring fine food, courteous, friendly service, and even live entertainment. The type of cruise boat can go a long way to determining the ambiance: Maybe it’s ragtime banjoes on a converted steamboat, a classical quartet aboard a luxury yacht, or simply the sound of the wind filling the sails of a tall schooner. Cocktail and dinner cruises often add a brilliant sunset to the mix.

A dinner or cocktail cruise is a good way to get the feel of a boat underway. Beginners can try out their ""sea legs"" in a relatively benign environment that has lots to see and serves a good meal. Try a couple of cruises on different types of boats. The boat’s crew handles all the hard work, and even does the dishes. You and your spouse get to enjoy the adventure, watch the scenery, and find out how you react to being on the water.