Hi Honey.

Let’s play a game. I’ll call it "I say. You say."

I say, "Let’s buy a boat." You say, "We can’t afford it."

I say "Yes we can." You say "How?"

I say, "We can get a boat for about $250 a month. That’s less than we would spend to take the kids to the ball park for just one game - in other words we can get a month of boating for less than a single day at the old ball game!" You say, "Where would we go boating?"

I say, "There are more places to go boating than you realize—I’ve read that 90% of the country lives within an hour of great boating - and since we don’t live in the desert, chances are good we’re part of that 90 percent."

You say, "Well, we don’t have time for a boat."

I say, "Yes we do." You say, "Really..."

I say, "Of course we do! We don’t need a LOT of time - just a free day. And with a boat we can getaway whenever we want - it frees up our free time. Think of it, with a boat we could take a mini-vacation every weekend. You say, " What about the kids?"

I say, "It’ll be good for the kids. Imagine making a connection with the kids that doesn’t require Bluetooth! The can swim or fish..."

You say, "But I don’t like to fish!"

I say, "You don’t have to fish. There’s way more ways than fishing to have fun on a boat - there’s swimming, tubing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, cruising, hanging out with friends, relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors, tanning on deck, even romantic sunset cruises...."

You say, "Let’s buy a boat." I say, "Okay!!!"

Wasn't that fun?!