Hi Honey.

You know how you’re always trying to get me to open up more and talk about my feelings. Okay. Why not? Let’s talk about us. Us getting a boat. A boat would be great fun for our relationship. Get it? Relation-SHIP. After all, a ship is a boat and boating will give us lots of ways to spend time together. We can enjoy the great outdoors together. You can tan on the deck. I can fish (or “I can tan on the deck and you can fish”).

Think about it - if we get a boat, we can get away just about EVERY weekend in the summer. Most importantly, we can AFFORD to. Really. We can get a boat for about $250 a month. Just one DAY at an amusement park with the kids costs more than an entire MONTH of boating!

Plus, boating will be good for the kids - it’ll get them out in the fresh air, exercising more than their just fingers on a keyboard. Fishing will teach them patience - and how to tell a good story. And think of how tired they’ll be after a day of tubing and swimming. We can put them to bed early - if you catch my drift (or just wink at the camera).

Boating is relaxing, too. Here, try this. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Imagine the warm sun on your face, a cool breeze in your hair, the sound of waves lapping on the hull and the gentle rocking of the boat in those waves. Isn’t that relaxing? See - life is better with a boat!