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NMMA Certification is a program designed to help boat manufacturers comply with industry safety and construction standards and federal regulations. In order to be NMMA Certified, boat manufacturers must certify each boat model they produce.

How to find an NMMA Certified boat or yacht

  • Ask your dealer
  • Visit NMMA Boat Shows, Most show directories indicate who is NMMA Certified.
  • Look for the NMMA Certified logo on the capacity plate of boats up to 26' or on the yacht plate of yachts 26' and larger. Plates are usually located near the helm.

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NMMA Certification FAQ

Why is an NMMA Certified boat better?

All boats sold in the U.S. must meet U.S. Coast Guard minimum regulations. NMMA Certified boats must also meet the more comprehensive standards set by the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC).

ABYC standards cover more systems and components than USCG regulations.

NMMA Certified boats undergo third-party inspection to ensure all applicable standards are met; the result is a thoroughly inspected, high-quality boat for you and your passengers.

What does Certification cover?

The NMMA Certification program covers over 30 categories of standards, which vary by boat type and may include:

  • Fuel systems
  • Ventilation
  • Passenger and weight capacity (on boats under 26')
  • Horsepower Capacity (on boats under 20')
  • Flotation (on boats under 20')
  • Electrical systems
  • Navigation lights
  • Warning label placement and guidelines
  • Steering systems
How does a boat become Certified?

Manufacturers build a boat to ABYC and USCG standards under the guidance of the company's NMMA-trained Certification specialist.

NMMA inspects the completed boat to make sure it meets the established standards. If any oversights are found, the manufacturer must bring the boat to compliance by completing and documenting the necessary changes.

Boats that successfully pass this inspection process are considered NMMA Certified.

How do I know if a boat is NMMA Certified?
  • Look for the NMMA Certified logo on the capacity or yacht plate, located near the helm.
  • Ask your dealer.
Yacht Certification plate US Coast Guard plate


"In a letter, the Coast Guard commended the partnering effort between ABYC and the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) to implement the use of all relevant ABYC standards in the NMMA Boat and Yacht Certification Program. The Coast Guard has previously promoted both the ABYC standards and the NMMA Boat Certification Program. Now that ABYC and NMMA have teamed up we can concentrate our outreach efforts on advising new boat buyers to look for the label in the boat that states ‘NMMA Certified Using ABYC Standards.’ We firmly believe that boats certified to ABYC standards possess a higher measure of safety and we will continue to wholeheartedly endorse this fact."

- United States Coast Guard Rear Admiral James W. Underwood