Center Consoles

Center Consoles

These open fishing boats are built to take rough offshore waters in pursuit of ocean fish. Rod holders, outriggers and other gear are common fittings onboard.

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Bahama Boatworks

Manufacturer: Bahama Boat Works (Mangonia Park)

Belzona Marine

Manufacturer: Belzona Marine (Miami)



Manufacturer: Beneteau USA, Inc.

Bluewater Sportfishing Boats

Manufacturer: Bluewater Sportfishing Boats


Boston Whaler

Manufacturer: Boston Whaler Inc.


Manufacturer: Campion Marine, Inc.


Carolina Skiff

Manufacturer: Carolina Skiff, LLC


Manufacturer: Chris Craft Corp.



Manufacturer: Cigarette Racing Team LLC (Opa Locka)

Cobia Boats

Manufacturer: Hewes Boats


Concept Boats

Manufacturer: Concept Boats, Inc.

Contender Boats

Manufacturer: Contender Boats, Inc.


EdgeWater Power Boats

Manufacturer: EdgeWater Power Boats

Everglades Boats

Manufacturer: Everglades Boats


Glacier Bay Cats

Manufacturer: World Cat

Grady-White Boats

Manufacturer: Grady-White Boats, Inc.


Hunt Yachts

Manufacturer: Hunt Yachts, Inc.

Hydra Sports

Manufacturer: Hydra Sports Custom Boats (Vonore )


Intrepid Powerboats

Manufacturer: Intrepid Powerboats, Inc.

Invincible Boats

Manufacturer: Invincible Boats (Opa Locka)


Jupiter Marine International

Manufacturer: Jupiter Marine International


Manufacturer: Medeiros Boat Works Unlimited


Livingston Boats

Manufacturer: World Cat


Manufacturer: Tracker Marine, LLC


Midnight Express Powerboats

Manufacturer: Midnight Express Powerboats, Inc.

Pathfinder Boats

Manufacturer: Hewes Boats


Pursuit Boats

Manufacturer: S2 Yachts

Ranger Aluminum

Manufacturer: Fishing Holdings, LLC (Flippin)


Regulator Marine

Manufacturer: Regulator Marine, Inc.

Robalo Boats

Manufacturer: Chaparral Boats, Inc.


Sailfish Boats

Manufacturer: Sailfish Boats / Seminole Marine

Scout Boats

Manufacturer: Scout Boats, Inc.


Sea Chaser

Manufacturer: Carolina Skiff, LLC

Sea Vee Boats

Manufacturer: Sea Vee Boats


SeaHunter Boats

Manufacturer: SeaHunter Inc.


Manufacturer: Sportsman Boats Manufacturing, Inc. (Summerville)


Stamas Yacht

Manufacturer: Stamas Yacht, Inc.

Striper Boats

Manufacturer: Genmar


Sunsation Powerboats

Manufacturer: Sunsation Powerboats

Triumph Boats

Manufacturer: Genmar



Manufacturer: PBH Marine Group, LLC (Bloomington)

World Cat

Manufacturer: World Cat


Yamaha Boats

Manufacturer: Yamaha WaterCraft Group Company


Manufacturer: Zodiac of North America


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