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Moosehead Lake

Moosehead Lake

Greenville,, Maine

By Boating Life Editors

From the top of 1,800-foot Mount Kineo, which sits on a peninsula jutting into Moosehead Lake, you can see miles upon miles of water. Wilderness frames the lake's estuaries and can be seen stretching deep into Canada. On a Saturday afternoon in late July, I stood there with photographer Grafton Marshall Smith and watched the heaviest boat traffic of the year on the largest lake within one state east of the Mississippi. We counted five boat wakes in 30 minutes.

"Most people who come to Maine in summer go to the coast," said Bruce Hamilton, innkeeper of the Lodge at Moosehead Lake. "They don't bother coming inland. Lake Winnipesaukee [four hours south in New Hampshire] gets all the lake boaters even though this is ... "

He stopped and waved his hand toward the lake, as if to say, "This is yours if you want it."

So, on that same July afternoon, down from the mountaintop, Smith and I directed two WaveRunners across the lake and shut them down next to a crowd of trees hugging the shoreline. It was like being in a cathedral, the click of a camera echoing off the tree trunks. We spoke in hushed voices and watched three moose standing nearby, one of them audibly munching on vegetation in the water. It was only appropriate at that moment, on a lake called Moosehead, they had us outnumbered.

Overshadowed By: Lake Winnipesaukee, Bar Harbor
If You Must Know: Native Americans considered Mount Kineo a goldmine for arrowheads because it is the largest deposit of flint in the world.
Most Popular Boats: Pontoons and runabouts with four-stroke outboards because they fit the quiet and green attitude of the lake.

Shared with permission from Boating Life Magazine.