Terms and Conditions
I Discovered Boating Ad Contest
I Discovered Boating Ad Contest
Instructions & Rules

You must complete all of the following steps in order to ensure your Commercial is submitted into the Contest:

Please note: All photos and/or videos must adhere to the PFD (lifejacket) Wear Requirements for Children by State. Check your state lifejacket requirements for children

  • Go to to upload your Commercial. If your commercial was previously uploaded to, uploading again will not be necessary, simply proceed to Step 2 "Registration".
  • Registration on YouTube must be completed before a Commercial can be submitted
    • If you already have a YouTube account, sign in under the "Member Login" section.
    • If you are not an existing user of YouTube, you will be required to complete the free registration by signing up under "Create Your YouTube Account" and following the directions. When you register your YouTube account, you will be required to agree to the YouTube Terms of Use and the YouTube Privacy Policy.
  • Once you are registered and logged into YouTube, click on the "Upload" link in the upper right corner of the webpage and follow the instructions to upload your Commercial. If you have questions on how to upload a Commercial or are having problems with the upload process, please visit the YouTube Help Center.
  • Upon completion of the upload, you should find two pieces of information that will be needed to proceed to Step 2 of the Contest entry process:
    1. YouTube Username
    2. Video URL
      Please make a note of these two items and then proceed to Step 2, "Registration."

  • After uploading your Commercial on YouTube, proceed to the Discover Boating Web Site ( ("Web Site") to register your Commercial for the Contest.
  • Once on the Web Site, click on the "Submit Your Video" link and enter all of the requested information. You will be asked to provide your contact information, your YouTube Username, the name of your Commercial, and the unique YouTube URL to your Commercial collectively.
  • Complete the registration step by clicking the "Register Your Submission" button.

If you do not complete this registration step your Commercial will not be submitted for review and possible inclusion into the Contest or eligible for a prize even though your Commercial may be posted on YouTube. Registration must be completed by 11:59:59 pm ET on June 30, 2009 or your Commercial will not be submitted into the review process for the Contest.

  • Once you click the "Submit" button, you should see a "Thank You" page on your internet browser. This Thank You page confirms that your Commercial has been received and submitted into a review process. Your Commercial will be reviewed to ensure that your Submission complies with these Official Rules. Please note that at this point your Submission is undergoing review, and is not yet considered a valid Entry into the Contest.
  • Once your Commercial is reviewed, you will receive a Confirmation Email at the email address you supplied on the registration form. If your Commercial complies with all Official Rules, the Confirmation Email will state that your Submission has been accepted as an Approved Entry into the Contest. If your Commercial is not accepted as an Approved Entry, the Confirmation Email will detail the reasons why your Commercial was declined.

Submissions that do not include all required information and do not adhere to the foregoing and following requirements will be considered void and will not be considered in the judging of this Contest. Each Contestant is allowed a maximum of five (5) Approved Entries in the Contest. An Approved Entry is defined as a Commercial that has been registered on the Contest Web Site through the process above and has received a corresponding Confirmation Email stating that the Commercial has been accepted into the Contest. The same Commercial may not be registered for the Contest more than once.

For Terms & Conditions, please click here.

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